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Outdoor Solar Power Bank

Outdoor Solar Power Bank

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50000mAh Power Bank Solar Super Fast Charging Compact Portable Built-in Cable High Capacity External Battery With Led Light

50000mAh built-in solar power bank is an advanced mobile power supply with ultra-large capacity and high-efficiency solar charging technology. It combines a large 50,000mAh battery capacity with an efficient solar panel to provide users with long-lasting and stable energy support for their devices, whether it is outdoor adventures, long-distance travel or daily charging needs.

Design Features:

1. Solar panel design: The power bank is equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel, which can quickly convert sunlight into electrical energy, so there is no need to worry about outdoor charging. The solar panels are made of durable materials with excellent resistance to scratches and UV rays, ensuring stable and reliable use over the long term.

2. Ultra-large attery capacity: Built-in 50000mAh ultra-large-capacity lithium battery, which can provide long-term power support for the device. Even when there is no sunlight, the device can be continuously charged.

3. Comes with its own data cable: The power bank comes with various types of interface cables, such as Type-C, Micro USB and Lightning, etc. There is no need to carry or buy additional data cables, making it convenient to charge at any time.



1. Sturdy and durable: Made of high-quality materials and processes, it has excellent shock resistance, drop resistance and waterproof performance, ensuring that it can work stably in various harsh environments.

2. Fast charging: Supports fast charging technology, which can charge a large amount of power to the device in a short time, greatly improving charging efficiency.

3. Intelligent charging management: The built-in intelligent charging management system can automatically identify the device type and charging needs, provide the most suitable charging current and voltage, and protect the health of the device battery.

4. Multiple safety protection: It has multiple protection functions such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, etc. to ensure safety during use.

5. LED indicator light: Equipped with LED indicator light, which can display the power and charging status in real time, making it convenient for users to understand the working status of the power bank at any time.


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